We focus our activities on four topics

Coaching & Facilitation

Experience Exchange

Evening Workshops



We believe that experience is key in improving our coaching and facilitation skills. Therefore, we create opportunities to practise these skills both in academia and industry.

  • We offer tailored regular coaching sessions focusing on development process, project management and team dynamics. We are pleased to help both new and already running projects which are interested in mid and long-term coaching.
  • We plan and facilitate a wide range of workshops, from ideation, prototyping, pitching to team building workshops. We offer customized workshops from a few hours to two days to support individuals or teams.
  • With our network of coaches with diverse expertise in different backgrounds, we are happy to assist and support workshops organized by others.

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If you are searching for a coach – let us know! Our coaches are skilled in moderating ideation processes, product development, team dynamics and are trained to ask the “right questions”.


Are you a coach? Or do you want to become one? Get the opportunity to coach in industry and academia, collect and share fun and beneficial experiences and benefit from our advanced training.


We are eager to learn. Non-stop. Therefore, we regularly meet to share and reflect on our experiences. This allows us to learn from each other and to pass on our knowledge to our team-mates.

At least once per semester, we invite a professional coach either from industry or from academia. From them, we learn new methods and tools, benefit from their experience and get new thoughts.

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We also want to create awareness to various topics, such as teamwork, design thinking, innovation or presentation. The evening workshops are designed for a broader audience including people with yet little knowledge and experience in these topics.

Thanks to the support of ETH‘s Critical Thinking Initiative, our evening workshops are always free of charge and snacks and drinks are provided 🙂

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We are eager to pass on our passion and knowledge to those who seek it. Coaching lectures are an excellent opportunity for this purpose. We co-organize and support various coaching lectures at ETH Zurich (a selection of which you can find here). Additionally, we are also taking part in the training of coaches outside the traditional courses, e.g. for ETH Week or ARIS.

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