Coaching exchanges are one of teampact’s key elements. Here, anyone can share their coaching experiences with peers, discuss open challenges and get feedback or inputs from other coaches. This setting was developed to provide a platform, where difficult situations are be discussed, experiences are shared and learnings are extracted. For us, learning from each other is very important to further improve our coaching.

Beginning of October, the first coaching exchange of the autumn semester took place. It so happened that two coaches were just in the middle of a teampact coaching opportunity, where they guided teams of middle school students through a tech entrepreneurship week (read more about it in this blog). Therefore, their experience was the main case discussed this evening. The two coaches told us about their experiences during the first two days, what went well and where they encountered some difficulties. We then discussed different coaching strategies for those difficulties, what scenarios they would result in and how we would make a choice of action. Not only the two coaches received many inputs for the remaining week of their job, but all participants could learn from their case. All in all, and with all discussion, it was a fascinating evening with a lot of great ideas and learnings.

Our coaching exchanges are also a great networking opportunity. Many coaches met for the first time, discovering their similar passion. Multiple participants even decided to join teampact as active members, look out for their profiles on our team page.