Teampact has been collaborating with Skillsgarden since many years. After inviting their founder Ina Goller for the first ever coaching exchange and supporting a corporate workshop in Davos we were very happy to welcome Christoph Lindiger as a guest for a coaching exchange.

After exploring Christoph’s path of education and how he became a coach and trainer, we discussed different branches of coaching and how they differ.

In his career path, Christoph founded his own successful consulting company. We discussed the challenges of quickly growing and of fostering culture. Christoph shared how he uses his experience as a CEO as a coach and we exchanged views on the following questions: Does a coach have to have experienced what the coachee wants to work on? Does this enable or hinder the coach? Can the right coaching skills be applied to any role and situation and does this add value for the coachee?

Through an interactive way, many topics were discussed, some of them are radical honesty and radical collaboration, emotional intelligence and empathy, topic-centred interaction and many small exercises to train these skills ourselves.

We enjoyed this coaching exchange a lot, while taking away many learnings and nudges to grow in our role as coaches.

This event was organized by teampact with support of ETH‘s Critical Thinking Initiative.