On 23. April 2018 we proudly organized the first coaching input event under our new name teampact. The evening started with a fantastic pitch of who teampact is what we are here for, held by Kerrin. The rest of the evening was dedicated to the inspiring personality, Ina Goller. Full of power and enthusiasm, she is the initiator of the entire coaching formation at the ETH. She is currently building up her chair of innovation management at the Fachhochschule Bern and has her own startup.

“Ina Goller is the reason why I am a coach” – A, teampact

Ina Goller has long year professional experience as a coach, and we felt honoured to learn from her. During the event, she spoke about her own experiences as a coach and her discovery of what triggers her learning.

“Usually the deepest learnings result from standing up after a failure and keep going” – B.

Ina Goller opened her personal toolbox to us and told her story of learning from analysing own weaknesses. It was eye opening to make the connection of self-learning to how a weakness transforms to a reliable trigger.

She structured her speech in an interactive way, including our own stories and built upon them. We discussed in pairs of two what particular situations we realize our weakness, how hard it is to accept them, and how we can transform them into a powerful personal tool for self-improvement. Additionally, we could take away that coaching is all about having multiple strategies for a particular situation. In coaching every person, situation and task are different. Applying an approach once might work. However, it probably will not every following situation. Ina Goller shared some tips and tricks on how to use self-reflection to find personally appropriate strategies.

To finish the evening, we organized some delicious L51 orange Campari served in whole oranges, an ongoing project from a group of ETH students. We all had the opportunity to get to know Ina Goller better and network with the audience.

Through this evening Ina Goller once again showed her passion and lot of stories from the coaching world. We thank everyone who came and shared their personal coaching experiences. We look forward to future common events.