On this Wednesday evening a variety of people joined us for the Coaching Exchange with Nina Portier Reinhart at the Student Project House. Different teampact members as well as ETH students plus investors, all interested in coaching, participated in this interactive talk.

Nina shortly explained her background and started to dive into her main lessons in coaching a variety of profiles. By talking about the right setting for coaching, different forms of conversations and silence paired with open questions as the best allies for coaches, we learned about framing coaching effectively and could reflect about our own coaching experiences. Nina introduced the GROW model and demonstrated it with one brave participant during the workshop for a short but effective 15-minute-long conversation. The method seemed to be helpful in any coaching situation and it enriched the coaching toolbox of all participants. In the end, we addressed some questions and discussions about coaching in startup environments.

We would like to thank Nina for this inspiring coaching exchange and are looking forward to further collaborations. Nina coaches Entrepreneurs and Startup Investors when they face challenging business decisions. She is Managing Director and the Co-founder of Reinhart Capital, an early stage direct investments’ company. She also is a Board Member of the Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC), an Swiss organization matchmaking business angels and startups with offices in Zurich and Lausanne.

This event was organized by teampact with support of ETH‘s Critical Thinking Initiative and student project house.