In the “Ides of April” we held our second workshop on Design Thinking. This time it was an open evening workshop, which took place in the Student Project House on the ETH Hönggerberg Campus.

16 highly motivated participants went through a refined and slightly modified version of the wallet exercise. In addition to the different steps of the Design Thinking process, this refined version also contained some teamwork elements as the participants had to go through the workshop in pairs in teams of two rather than alone. The teams had to come up with strategies on how to collaborate most efficiently and how to take decisions under time pressure.

The participants mastered this small extra-challenge very well and worked intensely on their innovative wallet designs, which they created based on the inputs and feedbacks of their “customer”. The climax of the workshop was the prototyping session, where creativity and fast hands were needed to create a tangible – and in the best case also functional – prototype of the new wallet.

The practical part of the workshop was supplemented by a short theory block about Design Thinking at the end of the workshop. We hope that all participants can use and implement in the future what they learned during our workshop.

If you would like to know more about Design Thinking, stay tuned. The next occasion to experience Design Thinking with teampact will come soon.

This event was organized by teampact with support of ETH‘s Critical Thinking Initiative.