During Fall Semester 2020 we held a leadership course for students in leadership roles, containing three virtual two-hour workshops. The aim of this training was to enable the leaders to grow their individual leadership skills by providing relevant theories and tools as well as practicing through exercises and reflecting on leadership. This course has been previously held exclusively for students in leadership positions at ARIS. We wanted to support more students and therefore opened it up for any students in leadership positions.

The first workshop “I as a Leader” included Motivation theory and different leadership styles and theories. The participants clarified their own leadership styles and role and discussed how to best lead their individual team, including their personal and teams’ needs and expectations. 

The second training session “Improving Teamwork” covered topics such as reflexivity, psychological safety and feedback. As during the previous session, the presented theory was put into action through different exercises.

“Getting up the Hill”, the third and final workshop, addressed challenging communication, handling conflicts and difficult conversations, including personal biases. To close the training course, the participants reflected on their personal journey during this autumn and throughout the training and shared their vision of how to grow as a leader. 

The feedback from students was very positive and we plan to organise a similar leadership course in Spring Semester 2021. So keep your eyes open for the sign up on our website, subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest news about upcoming courses and events and contact us if you have any questions about our leadership training.