In this week’s recurring team-meeting, we were happy to welcome three new members into our Team: Aashna, Gina, and Tiago. Additionally, our also newly recruited member Julian was willing to introduce some novel elements from his previous experience. Hence, we curiously invited him to create the first hour of our meeting. 

Starting off, we were guided through a physical breathing practice, taking a moment out of our days to step back, relax and breathe. It was a great experience to let go of thoughts, emotions and feelings for a while and reconnect to what actually makes us up – our bodies. Encouraged to write goals about how we want to show up at this workshop, we transitioned into a phase of “win-sharing”. Every participant was asked to contemplate upon recent successes in their lives & share one of them with the group, alongside with the underlying progression of action steps that led to their successes. Sticking to a clearly defined sharing format, we were able to pick up on each other’s wins and celebrate them together. 

No matter how big or small the wins were – they helped us to grow and set new personal goals. By sharing our victories openly, we were able to encourage and inspire one another, creating an empowering atmosphere.
Finishing off, we exchanged feedback about the session and considered integrating some of these elements into future meetings, our coaching practice and upcoming interactive workshops.